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Nordic Ski Instructor


Avoiding dogma
...and the reason why this book is on the web, and why it isn't made to be easily printed.


Objectives of this manual
Who this manual is aimed at; What this manual is aiming to achieve; How this manual intends to do this.

Levels of instruction

Instructor course descriptions and NCIS organisation
What is an Instructor 1?; Prerequisites of an Instructor 1 course; Instructor 1 course description; What is an Instructor 2?; Prerequisites of an Instructor 2 course; Instructor 2 course description; What is an Instructor 3?; Prerequisites of an Instructor 3 course; Instructor 3 course description; Trainers (examiners) and assessment; The APSI structure; Interski, the NCIS, and the ISIA.

Teaching skiing

Teaching concepts and related issues
The role of the instructor; Ethics; Teaching styles; Alternative approaches; Terminology and understanding; Preparations before the lesson; Suggested lesson plans; The importance of the on-going lesson.

Ski techniques

Actual techniques and ideas about presenting them
Terminology; Back to basics; Techniques application and continuity; The techniques - an overview; Basic techniques; Classical techniques; Basic XCD techniques; Intermediate XCD techniques; Freestyle techniques; Advanced XCD techniques; Survival techniques.


General information for the instructor - and others
An instructor's viewpoint; Waxable or non-wax?; Skis; Bindings; Footwear; Poles; Instructor clothing; The extras you might need/want; Novelty items and specialist instructor gear.

Books, videos, and reference material

How to use skiing media more effectively
Introduction to book-reading; Why Alpine ski books are good... and bad; The use of videos in technique improvement; The use of books in technique improvement; Bibliography.


Background information sheets
Ski instructor course outlines; NCIS rules and regulations; equipment size charts; snow structure and waxing tips.


Terminology and the instructor
The choice of words is forever a problem with instructors - I come from the 'Keep It Simple, Stupid' [KISS] school of thought...


Also doubles as the main search page...
The paper-based Ski Instructor Manual has a good index: I have installed a search engine on these pages along with an index (ht://dig for those that wish to know).
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